Impactful Healthcare using Video Collaboration

Using video collaboration in healthcare can be highly impactful. From telemedicine to remote teaming on research to teaching the doctors of tomorrow, it’s really about delivering a better patient experience. Our experts help you do just that. We work with manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, medical centers and hospitals to implement the best technology solutions and support for their end customers. Reach out to learn more:

Frost & Sullivan on Game-Changing Video Solutions for Healthcare

This paper will look at three areas of healthcare that are ripe for change—pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, insurance, and care givers—to show how and where leading organizations are using video collaboration and analytics to transform their operations, lower costs, increase revenues, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Interactive Environments for Medical & Healthcare

Video Meeting Rooms

Huddle Spaces
End User Solutions (UC, Skype)

Collaborative Spaces

Integrated Operating Rooms
Interactive Patient Rooms
Telemedicine Locations

Experience Centers

Streaming / Remote Learning
Visualization / Research

Customer / Patient Engagement

Interactive Lobbies / Public Areas
Auditoriums / Learning Spaces
 Virtual Reality

Video Collaboration at VCU Medical Centers

The VCU School of Medicine uses video-enabled, interactive classrooms to reach students far away or nearby. Professors can share a live session, collect screen captures of annotations in real time or record an entire class for use in the future. Students sit in pods with individual screens and microphones to ensure a two-way learning experience.

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