Published on October 26, 2016 @ 1:56 pm

News Surface Studio! How Microsoft Got it Right on this New Device!

Comments from the NYC Product Launch from John “Jack” Steinhauer, Whitlock EVP

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Microsoft Surface Studio Whitlock John SteinhauerWe were present from the start when Microsoft began its foray into larger, video-enabled, interactive devices. We vetted every aspect of the Surface Hub and landed with a resounding Yes! It does deliver what the workplace was missing for group collaboration.

So, what do we think now that we have been in the room with this new series of Surface Studio devices rolled out today in New York? Bam! They did it again. They delivered the missing piece in the portfolio. Nestled in between the personal device and the group collaboration space is the desktop experience. And it’s an important one. Surface Studio brings the capabilities and power of the Surface Hub to your personal space, at work or at home.

So why is Surface Studio so special? I realize I just came back from the excitement of the big launch party, but everyone in the room left with the same enthusiasm. This isn’t just a new touch-enabled laptop, it’s a whole new category, device meets display. The 28” screen, beyond being ultra-thin with amazing resolution, has the ability to be displayed flat on a table and maintains its professional grade performance. Impressive!

Surface Studio offers a larger canvas for engineers, architects and artists to develop designs, almost like a digital drafting table. With the built in capabilities of a 1080p webcam, Skype and Windows 10, another zone of teaming is achieved for the one- to two-person meeting.

Microsoft Surface Studio transform desktop to studioWhen we referred to the Surface Hub as a game changer, I guess now we have to call this one a game driver. Surface Studio will take us into a new way of working that was previously not possible. Finally, our kids will be impressed with our workplaces again!

So beyond the designers of today, who else can use the Surface Studio device, and will it be worth the price tag? We think other line of business leaders will be lining up for Surface Studio, from Marketing to Operations. We all work with big data, analytics, graphics and reports these days, and it involves a lot of screen time. This new format delivers a much improved experience to what is currently available. It also fulfills customer demand for simple solutions, that can be standardized and scalable across the enterprise.

Whitlock also sees a broader use coming for this device, beyond a powerful desktop solution, but also as a new option for a digital display network or for interactive kiosks. Surface Studio has the power to become the new standard for smaller huddle spaces too, in a platform that we can all navigate: Windows 10.


Microsoft Surface Studio Whitlock

Other fun capabilities announced today include:

  • Dial, a new add on accessory that gives you a dial & click for improved navigation with Windows apps and desktop.
  • Better than 4K resolution
  • Cortana is fully loaded on this new desktop experience
  • Surface Accessories work with it, including your Surface pen, keyboard and mouse


When is it available?

Whitlock will have a limited supply in December, with tiered availability after the new year. Our demo units are arriving now, so reach out to see if  we have a device available near you to explore.

Should You Get on the List Now?

Based on the sizeable demand we experienced with the Microsoft Surface Hub, we are advising our customers to get on the pre-order list early. Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Still Want to Know More about Surface Studio?

Whitlock is a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner, and we have been loaded up in advance with all you need to know about Surface Studio! Reach out to our Microsoft experts to discuss your technology roadmap and see how it fits in your plans. Our decades of experience in collaboration – and new video technologies – means we can advise on the best ways to balance diving into new innovations while making smart investments and providing professional consultation on interoperability with your existing systems globally.


Want to LEARN MORE about Microsoft Surface Studio? Reach out today to talk to our Collaboration Experts, or ask about a demo near you!

Click here to reserve your surface hub demo todayReserve Your Surface Studio Demo Today.


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