Published on June 20, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

News We are #bustingsilos, and changing the modern workplace for good.

By Julian Phillips, EVP, Whitlock

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The Silo Premise

Social Anthropologist Gillian Tett’s book, “The Silo Effect”, argues that global enterprises grew powerful, until recently, by building highly effective organizational structures, departments and processes designed for efficiency, and that these focused silos were important in corporate success. However, digital transformation, big data, IOT, AI and disruptive business models have spawned new, highly successful startups which are now challenging the dominant players in the Global 500, and the rules have changed.

Business is Changing

The one thing we know about companies like Amazon, Google, and UBER is that they are different, and they have broken down conventional business silos to become fast, agile, innovative and highly competitive. These are, of course, all the attributes that every CEO of the World’s leading companies desire more than anything else. Leading business advisory firms, such as McKinsey, are coaching business leaders that the only way you can survive in the modern era is to bust out of the old silos and adapt to survive.


Whitlock is a #silobuster

How have we adopted the silo busting approach and introduced new ideas and innovation for the modern workplace?

  • The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) is our finest example of silo busting. We help enterprises collaborate globally with technology solutions built for simplicity, standards, scale and speed. We built this organization from the ground-up and broke the conventional wisdom of one company exporting its “one country” view around the world. The GPA is a fantastic example of the modern “sharing economy”, where knowledge and skills are shared openly and fairly among 25 different companies with a common identity and purpose.
  • GPA Velocity. Velocity is the coolest new, industry disruptive way to source and deploy standardized room sets on a global scale. We offer kits built around the most common UC ecosystems without the need for design, room remediation or additional programing.
  • Whitlock and Herman Miller – Living Office Settings. Whitlock’s mutually exclusive partnership with Herman Miller is another example of breaking down the walls between interior design and technology. We use an organization’s workplace strategy as a guide to align surroundings, furnishings, technologies and tools so work flows seamlessly. Whitlock is a U.S. preferred integration partner for the video and media collaboration tools recommended in Living Office Settings. Our teams work together, early in the design and planning phase, so that we can provide customers the collaboration experience they deserve, while saving time and money. Whitlock + Herman Miller


Whitlock can help your teams work smarter with technology-rich, well-designed environments.

We adopt these #bustingsilo attributes for our own business, and in crafting solutions for yours, too:

  • Work in teams to solve problems, rather than departments that maintain the status quo
  • Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and partners all over the globe
  • Prioritize creativity & innovation over the fall-back of old methods
  • Empower employees to be bold and to make decisions for change

By working with our team of global #silobusters, you’re part of the big picture thought leaders and strategists, who know how to make things happen and shake things up.

Are you ready to think about things in a new way?

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