Video Solutions for the  Energy Market

Whitlock works with oil and gas, electrical and power companies throughout the world. This page is where we will share insight on how the top global energy businesses are staying competitive and using video collaboration for much more than just meetings. Get in touch with us any time at:

Innovation and
Collaboration at Quorum

Dive into the details on how Quorum, a leading Energy software solution provider, engaged Whitlock to enable global collaboration.

How Quorum Uses the Surface Hub

The Full Microsoft Platform Story @Quorum 

The latest research from Frost & Sullivan on video collaboration
in the energy market.

In a number of energy industry sectors, the top investment drivers in the next five years will be: 1) refreshing and upgrading aging and mature assets to increase production; and 2) exploring opportunities to create new markets around the world.

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Whitlock Energy Companies Using Video infographic click here

Today’s global 250 energy businesses are proactive in their use of video to stay efficient, safe and competitive. Our teams work with these companies worldwide in 7 key areas, from their lobbies to their remote plants and even to rigs out at sea.

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What might we see in the Factory of the Future

Microsoft presents their take on the Factory of the Future, and that includes automation, data analysis and collaboration with teams and machines!


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